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Head of Enterprise Development at Absa, Sisa Ntshona gave insightful tips to starting entrepreneurs via a recent chat with

Any tips for entrepreneurs who are starting out?

  • First and foremost, your business has to fulfil a need – there must be a desire for your services or product. Finding a market is going to be your biggest obstacle.
  • Differentiate yourself – what makes you different, unique and why should people buy from you? Also very important is to understand that what may have brought success previously, may not necessarily be applicable. Times are changing and technology changes what customers require.
  • Know your business – have reliable information about your business, your costs, your margins and where you are making money.
  • Love what you do – enjoy what you do and have absolute passion for it. You will at some point in time doubt yourself and your abilities. It’s important to be resolute but realistic as well.

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Loving Stacy Barthe’


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Stacy Barthe has been the most overplayed artist on my playlist ever since i discovered her music this past month..

These two songs especially won me over..Stacy Barthe, I AM A FAN.

Stacy Barthe Feat. Frank Ocean – Without You

Stacy Barthe – Drink My Pain Away

I am so in loove with her soulful vibe, such flawless music to say the least..Stacy Barthe WINS ladies and gentlemen.

A bit of her bio reads,

Stacy Barthe is a singer and Grammy-Nominated songwriter that was born in Brooklyn and signed a publishing deal to Universal Music Publishing Group by Ethiopia Habtermariam in 2007.Soon after Barthe would land her first placement “Blur” on Britney Spears Circus album. Barthe has worked with Akon, Melanie Fiona, Estelle, Brandy and Sean “Diddy” Combs Penning album tracks for Katy Perry “Hummingbird Heartbeart”, Rihanna “Cheers (Drink to That)” which hit #7 on Billboard’s Top 100, and Kelly Rowland “Everywhere You Go”…

Stacy, i bow down to your talent.World, DO RECOGNISE.

Source: Youtube, wikipedia

What Every Entrepreneur And Aspiring Entrepreneur Need To Know


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Today i read an insightful article on titled “10 Sobering Lessons Learned After Teaching 88 Struggling Entrepreneurs For 6 Months”. The pointers made in the article were brilliant and made great sense that i felt were worth sharing for every entrepreneur and aspiring entrepreneur to be informed in that regard..

If you are an entrepreneur who loves to create value from thin air… this article is for you.

  • You can start a business without an idea. Just go into a market like “Veterinarians” for example and Find The Pain. In that pain, you will come up with a product idea.
  • Entrepreneurs sabotage themselves by focusing on the least important parts of a business in the beginning. The only thing that matters in the beginning is selling your idea and getting money. This means you don’t need a logo, a website, or even a product. I caught a few members making logos before they ever had a paying user. They were scolded. We have members create “sales info packet PDFs” of what the product will do, and get customers to purchase based on that alone.
  • Entrepreneurs put off what they are most afraid of – failing. For most, that’s selling their idea. They will stick their head in the sand and build a product for 6 months, come up for air, only to realize no one wants it. I took that fear of failure and put it at the beginning before any products were made. We had some members fail through 5 ideas before they found their first profitable software product.
  • Entrepreneurs are lonely, but they thrive in a community with others. With a private chat room always on and 15 to 20 members sharing their setbacks, failures, and successes, a thriving connection was created. Live chat was wonderful for creating connections.
  • Entrepreneurs crush through results with accountability. When they saw themselves getting passed up by their peers, they took massive action. It’s easy to be lazy when it’s just you on the couch with your laptop. But when you are connected into a community who’s making progress, you don’t slack off for fear of being left behind.
  • Entrepreneurs who made excuses about not getting results typically suffered from a lack of desire. They were blinded by excuses, but in reality, just didn’t want it bad enough. Those that wanted it bad enough were (surprisingly) endlessly resourceful in building their first software business. Any obstacle was overcome. Their burning desire made it possible.
    1. Building software is totally possible even if you’re technically clueless… if you are taught how to outsource to developers. We had a 55 year old who barely uses Facebook create his first software company.
    2. Money is abundant to you… if you have a painful idea. When members joined, they thought money would be an obstacle. But they found it to be readily available once they developed salesmanship. The most important skill for an entrepreneur is salesmanship. I’m not talking about the image of being a sleazy car salesman, I’m talking about people who can actually ask for money. The question “Would you pay for this?” and “Which credit card would you like to use?” are surprisingly difficult questions for Entrepreneurs to ask. We pushed them through that barrier. Read SPIN Selling if you need help here.
  • Your background, age, race, and geographic location have nothing to do with being successful. We had dog walkers, chemical engineers, shy developers, and college students. All of them built software companies. The most successful student is in New Zealand working from his garage.
  • Entrepreneurs get stuck trying to find something they are passionate about. Picking a business you are passionate about is not as important as being passionate about the process of building a business. I’m not passionate about any particular business industry, but I am passionate about finding problems and solving them. Make your passion solving problems and adding value – then you can go almost anywhere and do anything. And most importantly, you can get started. Once you get started, you start to see dozens of new opportunities open up that never existed when you stood still.

This is a message of hope for any aspiring entrepreneur. You. Can. Do. This.

Source:, author Dane Maxwell, the creator of The Foundation

Living In White


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If your all white fetish is that intense, why not live in it…Decorate your homely haven in all white to get that serene, relaxing and heavenly feeling that will make looking forward to coming home really exhilarating…

Interior Design Deco Theme.

Feast your eyes with the pictures below, to pick up a few ideas to use for dream home;

Images source: tumblr