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Ok, i have been neglecting this blog for a while now..so uncalled for but i am so back!

Today my beautiful friend shed a light, words of encouragement and became a voice of clarity about believing and trusting God. The fact that often enough we let the small problems of the world  take control of our lives, that we even  allow ourselves to become miserable, stressed souls. Because we take so much into our hands forgetting that God is our provider and saviour we should put HIM first in everything we do through prayer (something i also read recently from “The Power of Praying Woman” book.. Pray and trust God to provide.He is a Faithful, always. HIS timing is not your timing but it is forever right.

So very thankful for the timing and deliverance of this by my friend. Often enough we need to be reminded of WHAT MATTERS. A treasure of a friend she is.Thank u God for this blessing!