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Head of Enterprise Development at Absa, Sisa Ntshona gave insightful tips to starting entrepreneurs via a recent chat with DestinyConnect.com.

Any tips for entrepreneurs who are starting out?

  • First and foremost, your business has to fulfil a need – there must be a desire for your services or product. Finding a market is going to be your biggest obstacle.
  • Differentiate yourself – what makes you different, unique and why should people buy from you? Also very important is to understand that what may have brought success previously, may not necessarily be applicable. Times are changing and technology changes what customers require.
  • Know your business – have reliable information about your business, your costs, your margins and where you are making money.
  • Love what you do – enjoy what you do and have absolute passion for it. You will at some point in time doubt yourself and your abilities. It’s important to be resolute but realistic as well.

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