Emeli Sande’


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Well, i have to thank twitter for introducing me to Emeli Sande’ ..I had not heard of her until yesterday on twitter when three of the people i follow were all raving about her music..I couldn’t resist the curiosity of hearing her sounds…

I instantly loved the first song i listened to, “Next To Me” from her recent debut album, Our Version Of Events.

Emeli Sandé – Next To Me

Emeli Sande – Hope

Not only is she a talented and amazing singer she is also great song writer having written tunes and lyrics for Leona Lewis, Alicia Keys, Susan Boyle, and many other prominent performers.

Nothing makes me more happy like discovering new beautiful music to add to my playlist. Rock on Ms Sande’

Holds up my glass *Cheers to good music* Enjoy!



Style Personified ft. Solange Knowles’


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Solange Knowles aka Sol-Angel covers the Evening Standard Magazine.

I love that she is her own person and doesn’t seem to conform to the expectations of a modern celebrity style status. Sol-Angel♥ has redefined her own style sense and she’s gorgeous as ever!

Image source: effyeahsol


The Suave Gentlemen Club’


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Suave.Dapper.Sleek.Sexy.Power. That’s a man in a perfect tailored suit.Absolutely  nothing hotter than that. I know a whole lot of ladies who would agree with me and appreciate this post much.

Ladies.You are welcome;-)

The rest of the gentlemen take notes…

Image Sources: meandmybentley and kojobaffoe




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The Turban trend is another of  the ‘Tales from a vintage wardrobe’ style and absolutely one of my fav fashion accessories.Love the elegant touch and charm they add to an ensemble.Ladies in turban have that old glamour, grace and still have an aura of the modern day sophistication.My kinda style.

I take no credit for any of the images in this post.


Chrissette Michele


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Well, well, let me let this be know…I am a Chrissette Michele groupie, fan, no doubt, proudly!The love i have for her music is BEYOND…

I love her versatility and her beautiful soulful sounds and i absolutely cant get over how beautiful she is, wow.

The song that won me over!

“Love is You” remains one of my special fav of Ms Michelle.First song of hers that i listened to and i was trully stunned.A breath of fresh air, beautiful goood music is what this song represents.I looove it and her looking oh so innocent and gorgeous in the can one not like her?…*hehe, im in a proper stan mode huh? well allow me :-)*


Where do i begin with song..sigh! Pure awesomery,wooow!!This here song is truly golden…With no doubt in my heart this song remains one of the most beautiful song i have EVER heard! Can never get enough of it.Ms Michele makes GREAT MUSIC FOLKS. Point blank and period!!Yuup!

“Let Freedom Reign” is Ms.Michele is last album ..Can i say how it breaks my heart that true talent like this is so underrated and not given all the recognition and airplay it deserves.How true great music is not appreciated as much, but bubble gum music, is what i cant comprehend..*Anywho another blogpost for another day*

“Im a Star”

Beautiful song and i love her style in the song.I credit her for my obsession with turban style…she made it look absolutely stunning.WHAT A LADY!!

OK.OK.Let me stop here, because its safe to say i loove all her songs therefore cannot share them all..

Thats all for NOW, about the Grammy award winning singer, songwriter, poet, and actress, Chrisette Michele.